duplications ii


chandelier glass

patterned light

lamp globe

house in autumn

here be dragons

serviceberry, 5 days later



candles at dusk

Orange electric candles in the windows for a bit of warmth in the dark months of late fall and winter.

decorative panel

One of three decorative panels on an antique Estey piano (made between 1905 and 1910, I believe).


gate latch

electric candle

My family has always put electric candles with orange bulbs in all the windows for a bit of warm light in the cold, dark winter months.


A day or two earlier, the leaves were green. Now that it’s turned, they’ll fall quickly. But for a couple of days, the serviceberry is an explosion of gold.


Window text at sunset in Tigerlabs (Princeton, NJ).

Halloween at Tigerlabs


recognize this?


autumn morning

The focus isn’t quite as sharp as I’d like (relying on auto…), but I find the light streaks at top interesting. I don’t think I’ve gotten those in an image before and am… Continue reading

30th Street Station

Relief on the wall of a side room in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.


Design is all around us; somebody designed these swirls on the side of a cheap bottle of hand soap.

focus shift

The depth of field is shallow with the Tamron macro lens, even when it’s not wide open.


detail. 🙂


Playing with the macro lens some more. this is the latch and patterned cloth on a cheap trinket box, edited in Lightroom.

paper-thin dof

The depth of field is so narrow at f/2.8 on the macro lens that my subject (here, part of the label on a woven hot pad from Reedcraft Weavers in Beulah, Michigan) goes… Continue reading