Image Use

All of the images published on this blog are the original work of Veronica Y. Hoffman unless otherwise noted.

You’re welcome to reblog and share my photographs (unaltered) for personal or educational use, as long as you provide proper credit and a link back to this blog.

If you want to use my images in a commercial manner (directly or indirectly), check with me. Do not use my images for commercial purposes without my permission. That includes, for example, posting my images on a site that has ads from which you make money (or aim to).

Some of the images I post here are available on various items (prints, cards, notebooks, playing cards, magnets, and so on) at Zazzle and/or RedBubble, and I provide the link(s) on each image’s post so that it’s easy to find items featuring an image you like. Some that aren’t there yet will be when I find time to add them. If you like an image and want to see it on something that’s not yet available in the store, feel free to comment, tweet, or message me and I’ll be happy to see what I can do!

Also, Zazzle has an affiliate program that allows you to refer customers to artists’ stores and products and earn a referral fee on purchases they make. I always welcome referred customers, so if you like my photography and would like to share it with others, I would love for you to check out the affiliate program and send some folks my way – and make a little money in the process!


vyh 🙂