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I learned on Monday that an old family friend who I went to school with was kidnapped, along with five others, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has been doing peacebuilding work… Continue reading


G.L. Perry was a variety store in my hometown. A local brewery put out this limited release bottle of craft nostalgia.

plush leopard

I would tell you its name, but it had many, and I lost track. 😉

dinosaurs at the gates

The ghost was missing, so my niece had dinosaurs waiting to storm the gates (just as soon as they were installed).


guitar and ukelele


Brother and niece building a Lego castle at Christmas.

‘teach peace’

Firkin’ Stout Day

Firkin’ Stout Day at Iechyd Da (Elkhart, Indiana)

house in autumn




Window text at sunset in Tigerlabs (Princeton, NJ).

Halloween at Tigerlabs


My macro lens arrived (Tamron 90mm macro with VC/image stabilization; the older version), so although I’m too literally shooting in the dark (ah, noise), I tried it on a vase full of markers… Continue reading

New camera

I got a new camera and two lenses (so far–macro lens still on the way!) and have been poking around the settings and trying them out a little. Different focal lengths (since the… Continue reading


An accidental photograph, but I like it. I always keep my Bluetooth earbuds perched atop my computer speakers like this…sound atop sound. (Canon G12, edited in Lightroom)

Wave vs pier, ii

Waves crash against the skeleton of the pier, its rubble piled on the beach.

Elmwood, iii

Bright autumn colors on the quad. Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2004

Martin House

Sunlight in the Martin House dining room, Harrisonburg, VA, 2005

Fountain, ii

Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005


Fountain on campus in Harrisonburg, VA, 2005

Autumn on campus

Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005

Backlit fence

An old fence with chipped paint, backlit by sun. Harrisonburg, VA, 2005

Snowy half wall

Snow and a brick half wall, Harrisonburg, VA, 2005


An ebony “Thinker” carving lit by tealights