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I see this tree out my window when it storms, and it always looks like a wizard with his head thrown back. I can almost see lightning crackling from his upraised arms. Advertisements

serviceberry, 5 days later


A day or two earlier, the leaves were green. Now that it’s turned, they’ll fall quickly. But for a couple of days, the serviceberry is an explosion of gold.

autumn morning

The focus isn’t quite as sharp as I’d like (relying on auto…), but I find the light streaks at top interesting. I don’t think I’ve gotten those in an image before and am… Continue reading

Twisted tree

A gnarled tree at the end of a trail in Pike National Forest, where the wind was strong; I believe it was on the Crags Trail and is a bristlecone pine. (2010; Fujifilm… Continue reading

Red River Gorge, viii

Blue autumn sky and colorful trees in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 2001

Red River Gorge, vii

A ridge at sunset, autumn 2001

Red River Gorge, iv

A line of sentinels on the ridge. Red River Gorge, Kentucky, autumn 2001

Red River Gorge, ii

Autumn color in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 2001

Red River Gorge, i

Rock wall and trees; autumn 2001, Red River Gorge, KY

Elmwood, ii

Foggy morning on the quad. Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2004

Tree and sky

Sun through a tree-top against a solid blue sky in Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005.


A hollow branch in the Shen valley


Leaves on a hollowed branch. Originally taken for a photography class assignment that assigned a selective color project. I did something like this.

Shen valley

Afternoon on the rocks in the Shenandoah Valley

Crooked branches

Harrisonburg, VA, 2005

Autumn tree

Tree with a few last autumn leaves

Hilltop sunset (ii)

Sunset on a hilltop in Harrisonburg, VA

Winter evening

Sunset view from a dorm room in Harrisonburg, Virginia, winter 2003/4.


Late afternoon sun through a tree. I love the six-spiked sunburst I would get from my old Nikon’s lens.

Through trees

Light through tree leaves, framed by branches. Indiana, 2002

Riverfront, ii

Riverfront lawn in Elkhart, Indiana. (2002)

Riverfront, i

Tree on the riverfront in Elkhart, Indiana. (2002)


North Island, New Zealand, 2005

The silver tree

I liked the contrast of this tree’s leaves against the dun grasses. Outside Nelson, New Zealand, 2005.