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light and dark

Cords supporting a hanging plant. All are the same color. Advertisements

chandelier glass

patterned light

lamp globe

decorative panel

One of three decorative panels on an antique Estey piano (made between 1905 and 1910, I believe).



Shadows cast by sunlight through Venetian blinds

Brick facade

Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005


Sun on Venetian blinds

Cracks in the Ice

Graphic based on The Second Leaf. (Zazzle)

Cracked Parchment Leaf

Graphic based on the photograph The Second Leaf. (Zazzle)

Scroll Weathervane

Black weathervane on blue sky. (Zazzle)

Grunge Spokes

Photoshopped road bike wheel. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Metal Scroll

Patterned black metal tabletop. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Patterns & Pisces

A fish fountain against patterned pillars and shadows. (Zazzle)

White Picket Fence

A white picket fence in afternoon sun and shadows. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Aqua Glass VI

Aqua-colored glass gems mirrored in a glass bowl. (Zazzle)

Warm Light

Close-up of a hanging glass lamp. (Zazzle)

Glass Lamp

Macro photograph of a vintage glass lamp. (Zazzle)


Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Fiji, 2005. (Zazzle)

Azure Afternoon

Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle)

Today’s Best Award

This new address label featuring my Elephant Leaf photograph received a Today’s Best award at Zazzle. 🙂


Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle | RedBubble)


Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle)


Panajachel, Guatemala, 2007. (Zazzle | RedBubble)