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workings ii


duplications ii

candles at dusk

Orange electric candles in the windows for a bit of warmth in the dark months of late fall and winter.

Lake Michigan sunsets, vi

A halo around the sun, seen on a beach near Onekama, MI I found this one in a box of family photos taken on a point & shoot that we shared, so it’s… Continue reading


A lamppost grown with vines, at night, in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Bright dusk

Moon and clouds at twilight in Harrisonburg, VA

Moon and hilltop

The moon over a tree and bench on a hill in Harrisonburg, VA


Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle)

Fountain at Night

Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle)

Traffic Lights

Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle)

Steele Bridge View, East

Steele Street bridge over I-25, Denver, Colorado. 14 july 2012.