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North Island, New Zealand, 2005 Advertisements


North Island, New Zealand, 2005


Stoking the flame to heat stones for a hangi on a marae near Whakatane, NZ, 2005. (A hangi is a big meal cooked in a pit oven. Content-wise it was similar to a… Continue reading

Maori patterns

The painted ceiling of a building on a marae near Whakatane. NZ, 2005


South Island, New Zealand, 2005

Horses of Happy Valley

“Who’s the newcomer, Joshua?” “I don’t know, Susan, but check out the black thing stuck to her face.” “Looks uncomfortable. She keeps fiddling with it.” “Poor kid.” (NZ, 2005)

Happy Valley

I call this angle “Why Yes, I Did Just Take A Blind Photograph Over My Shoulder From Atop A Walking Horse.” I suppose the name is a bit ironic, given the hasty nature… Continue reading

Happy trails

“Happy Valley” – I don’t know if this is the area’s actual name or just what the horse trek guides call it for PR. It’s a short drive from Nelson. (2005)

The silver tree

I liked the contrast of this tree’s leaves against the dun grasses. Outside Nelson, New Zealand, 2005.

End of the trail

I remember the trail being rather abruptly blocked by a fence gate not far behind the place I stood to take this photo. I liked the view, though. Outside Nelson, NZ, 2005.

Walking trail, viii

Great tree in a field by a walking path, outside Nelson, NZ, 2005

Walking trail, vii

My inability to center things strikes again! Near Nelson, NZ, 2005

Walking trail, vi

Creek seen through a natural frame. NZ, 2005

Walking trail, v

A fenced-off field by the walking trail. Near Nelson, NZ, 2005

Walking trail, iv

A low arch on the trail, near Nelson, New Zealand (2005)

Walking trail, iii

Footbridge along a walking trail near Nelson, NZ, 2005

Stoke hand

Sculpture of an open hand, embedded in the sidewalk by the Stoke library. New Zealand, 2005

Sunlit bloom

Nelson, New Zealand, 2005

Sun through leaves

Sun just breaking through the trees. NZ, 2005

Walking trail, ii

Colorful trees by a creek that ran along a walking trail. New Zealand, 2005

Creek bed

Smooth rocks in a creek bed, NZ, 2005

Walking trail, i

Creek running along a walking trail outside Nelson, New Zealand, 2005.


Nelson, New Zealand, 2005

Bay vantage, ii

Nelson, NZ, 2005

Bay vantage, i

Nelson, NZ, 2005