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workings ii


duplications ii

patterned light

lamp globe

here be dragons

gate latch

electric candle

My family has always put electric candles with orange bulbs in all the windows for a bit of warm light in the cold, dark winter months.


recognize this?



Design is all around us; somebody designed these swirls on the side of a cheap bottle of hand soap.

focus shift

The depth of field is shallow with the Tamron macro lens, even when it’s not wide open.


detail. 🙂


Playing with the macro lens some more. this is the latch and patterned cloth on a cheap trinket box, edited in Lightroom.

paper-thin dof

The depth of field is so narrow at f/2.8 on the macro lens that my subject (here, part of the label on a woven hot pad from Reedcraft Weavers in Beulah, Michigan) goes… Continue reading

focus shift

While it was still light, I tried to photograph my landlord’s cat, which was sitting outside pretending very hard not to be posing. However, instead of getting a photograph, I learned that the… Continue reading

colored pencils

Strange leaf

Close up of an elephant ear leaf

The Second Leaf

Macro of a green leaf in sweet light. (Zazzle)


Macro of a blue glass gem set in a necklace from Guatemala. (Zazzle | RedBubble)


Warm lamp light reflects on stacked tealight holders. (Zazzle)

Aqua Glass VI

Aqua-colored glass gems mirrored in a glass bowl. (Zazzle)

Aqua Glass V

Macro photograph of sunlight on glass gems in water. (Zazzle)

Aqua Glass IV

Posterized macro of blue glass gems in water. (Zazzle)

Aqua Glass III

Aqua-colored glass gems spill from the top of the frame. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Aqua Glass II

Macro of blue glass gems in sunlight. (Zazzle | RedBubble)