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Pearl sky

Afternoon/evening sun through cloud cover. Advertisements

Indiana afternoon

Elkhart County, Indiana, 2002

Happy Valley

I call this angle “Why Yes, I Did Just Take A Blind Photograph Over My Shoulder From Atop A Walking Horse.” I suppose the name is a bit ironic, given the hasty nature… Continue reading

Happy trails

“Happy Valley” – I don’t know if this is the area’s actual name or just what the horse trek guides call it for PR. It’s a short drive from Nelson. (2005)

End of the trail

I remember the trail being rather abruptly blocked by a fence gate not far behind the place I stood to take this photo. I liked the view, though. Outside Nelson, NZ, 2005.

Walking trail, v

A fenced-off field by the walking trail. Near Nelson, NZ, 2005

Long drive, ii

I’d never seen a landscape like this before our drive through the middle of the South Island – a totally flat basin broken by sudden hills. New Zealand, 2005

Long drive, i

I never did learn my lesson that you can’t take a good photo through the closed window of a moving car. This is in the middle of the South Island – not exactly… Continue reading

Otago, ii

Otago, New Zealand, 2005


Otago countryside, New Zealand, 2005

Hawkes Bay, i

View of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 2005; I think this view was from Te Mata Peak or near it.


North Island, New Zealand, 2005


North Island, New Zealand, 2005

Cattle in Mount Eden

Cows in the Mount Eden crater, Auckland, NZ, 2005

Mount Eden, i

One Tree Hill seen from Mount Eden; Auckland, NZ, 2005

Redwood Coast

Coast near the redwoods in evening light. (Zazzle)

Flower at Arches

A white flower on a clear day at Arches National Park. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Oregon Coast

A tranquil view of the Oregon coast in shades of blue. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Fog in the Hills

Fog surrounds the mountain hot springs of Fuentes Georginas. (Zazzle)


Malake Village, Fiji, 2005. (Zazzle | RedBubble)

Otago Hills

Hillside on the Otago Bay, New Zealand, 2005. (Zazzle)

Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, 2005. (Zazzle)


Otago Bay, New Zealand, 2005. (Zazzle)

Mount Clinton Pike

Rural landscape along Mount Clinton Pike, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2005. (Zazzle)