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Fiery sky

A painted sky on one of our last nights in Fiji, 2005 Advertisements

Clouds and palm

Palm tree against a cloudy sky, Fiji, 2005

Malake coast

Coastline near Malake, Fiji, 2005

Waters off Malake

Rainclouds gather off the coast from Malake, Fiji, 2005


Malake village, Fiji, 2005

Children in Malake

Children in Malake village, Fiji, 2005

Navala, ix

Tree on a hillside in Fiji, 2005

Navala, viii

River near Navala, Fiji, 2005

Navala, vii

River by Navala, Fiji, 2005

Navala, vi

River by Navala, Fiji, 2005

Navala, v

Navala, Fiji, 2005

Navala, iv

Young girl in Navala, Fiji, 2005

Navala, iii

Navala village, Fiji, 2005

Navala, ii

Navala village, Fiji, 2005

Navala, i

Navala village in Fiji mountains, 2005

Naikabula, vi

Settlement seen from above, Fiji, 2005. If the clouds don’t give it away, we were in Fiji during the rainy season. This meant, for a brief interval every day, an enthusiastic downpour, and… Continue reading

Naikabula, v

Fiji, 2005


This little boy didn’t just watch – he was our shadow for much of our visit. Fiji, 2005.

Watchers, ii

A family watches us through a propped-open window. Fiji, 2005.

Naikabula, iv

Bright yellow flowers and a cloudy sky. Fiji, 2005.


Some of the kids & families watched our group as we toured the settlement; we must have been a strange sight. Fiji, 2005.

Naikabula, iii

Fiji, 2005


Pineapple and rust. Fiji, 2005.

Naikabula, ii

Fiji, 2005

Naikabula, i

Woman at a settlement our group visited briefly. Fiji, 2005.