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February 4. I heard some non-bird noise outside and glanced out to find half a dozen deer. At one point, a couple of them started staring intently south; a few moments later, a… Continue reading

deeply concerned

It’s kind of her default state.


coffee table fortress

here be dragons

On the wind (ii)

I don’t know if this is from the same year, but once the wind was so strong that the gulls flew sideways.

On the wind

I always wanted to catch a bird in flight.

Waking up

Jenny around 2003 or ‘4

Jenny, iv

Catnap, around 2003 or ‘4.


Jenny from around 2003 or ‘4.

Jenny, iii

From around 2003 or ‘4.

Jenny, ii

Not sure which I like better, the enormous yawn or the lamp sprouting from her head.

Lexy and the kitten

I’m pretty sure I was trying to take a picture of the kitten. But the dog was a dog, so she photobombed the shot.


A cousin’s kitten enjoying the shade on a Kansas farm.

Indiana winter

Elkhart County, Indiana, 2002


South Island, New Zealand, 2005

Horses of Happy Valley

“Who’s the newcomer, Joshua?” “I don’t know, Susan, but check out the black thing stuck to her face.” “Looks uncomfortable. She keeps fiddling with it.” “Poor kid.” (NZ, 2005)


Otago, New Zealand, 2005

Reserve, v

Seal watching us at a yellow-eyed penguin reserve in Otago, NZ, 2005

Reserve, ii

Yellow-eyed penguin, Otago, NZ, 2005

Sheep shearing

A classmate tried her hand at sheep shearing. Otago, NZ, 2005

Ostrich farm

Ostriches and their owner at a farm (near Blenheim, I think). New Zealand, 2005

Rocky coast

Can you see the sea lions? New Zealand, 2005


Host family’s cat, Auckland, NZ, 2005


I have to wonder what the cat’s intentions were. Auckland, NZ, 2005